CAWA Long play

Second CAWA online junior tournament to be played in August - September 2020 with one round played every Sunday

If you want to join the tournament, please follow this steps:

  1. Join the CAWA Junior Online Chess Club here

  2. Once you received a confirmation and all the details from us please REGISTER to join the online tournament, below.

  3. Then, join our WhatsApp for notifications and help:

  4. Join our private Facebook group to post questions and discuss things:

  5. And finally, use the Games page to find your opponent and play:

TournameNt info


The competition will consist of two tournaments played simultaneously - Masters Division and Beginners Division. Tournaments will be played over 7 weeks starting from August 9th. The entrants will be placed in one of the two tournaments based on their known playing strength. Every week each player should play a mini-match with another assigned player. Mini-match consists of two games played back-to-back. That means that as soon as the first game is finished players should play another game with different colours.

A winner of a mini-match is the player who scored more points. Each win brings one point, each draw brings half a point and each loss brings zero points. Possible outcomes of a mini-match:

  • 2 : 0 - first player won

  • 1.5 : 0.5 - first player won

  • 1 : 1 - a draw

  • 0.5 : 1.5 - the second player won

  • 0 : 2 - the second player won

Whoever won the mini-match gets a point in the tournament.

Playing Platform

The games to be played on

The pairing system is

Joining the tournament:

You can join at any stage, you will receive up to two half-point BYE's for the missed rounds. To join please follow the steps stated above.

Time control:

15 minutes per game + 10 second increment after each move

Entry Fee:

No entry fees for this tournament


Buchholz tie-break system is used to determine the winners in case of an equal score


Trophies will be given to the top 3 players and the best performing girl in each tournament. Digital certificates for all the players

TournameNt mechanics

You can only play on the browser! The lichess app won't work for this tournament!

The pairings for every round will be done by Friday at 7 pm

The regular starting time for the tournament games is 4 pm every Sunday. To start your game you need to:

  1. Go to , Login at the top and click on Your Pairing link - also at the top.

  2. Log in with your username and password

  3. Press on "Join the game" button and wait for your opponent to join.

  4. If your opponent hasn't arrived within 20 minutes after the agreed starting time and hadn't let you know that they are not playing you can clain a win in the match. However, we encourage all the players to contact their opponents if they are late for the game and make efforts to reschedule if it's possible! Remember, this tournament is just a fun event for practicing chess!

If you can't play on Sunday at 4 pm you need to reschedule the game with your opponent. Please contact your opponent prior to the game and agree for another time.

All the games must be played by next Friday 4 pm so we can make a draw for the next round on Sunday. You have five days to play your game from Sunday to Friday at 4 pm, but we would prefer most games to be played on the first day (Sunday) at 4 pm.

Joining the tournament

You can join the tournament at any point even if you missed a couple of rounds.

New players who joined after the tournament started will be given up to two BYE's of 0.5 points. In other words, if you started the tournament in round three you will already have 1 point instead of 0.

Skipping rounds

Any player can skip rounds if they can't play on that particular week. A player can take up to 2 BYE's during the tournament except for the last two rounds. A BYE will get a player 0.5 points. Skipping more than two round will not give a player any free points. The organisers should be notified before 4 pm on Friday (before pairings for the next round are done).

Note: you can't take BYE's in the last two rounds!

Computer assistance

The assistance of any kind is forbidden during the game. This includes computer programms and suggestions of moves by parents/friends etc. Using computer engines and chess programs is cheating, will figure this out and the player's account will be permanently blocked. The player will also be banned from the tournament with further restrictions on playing in CAWA online events.

No shows

If a player A doesn't turn up for the game with player B in 20 minutes after the agreed time without letting the player B know, the player B can claim a victory in the match. For example, if the game is supposed to start at 4 pm on Sunday, player A has joined the game, but player B hasn't joined the game by 4:21 pm, then player A can claim the victory.

Although in such situation player A can claim the victory we encourage all the players to contact their opponents if they are late and try to reschedule the game!

We expect players to make efforts to play the game. There might be some technical issues or some other circumstances preventing one player from joining the game. If player A has joined the game on time and the opponent is late:

  1. Try to contact your opponent using the provided phone number

  2. Contact organisers and explain the situation. You can contact admins at our tournament WhatsApp group or post a message on the Facebook group.

If player A wants to reschedule the game but the opponent doesn't reply please contact the organisers to explain the situation.

If player A wants to reschedule the game we expect him to contact the opponent at least 24 hours prior to the standard starting time (4 pm on Sunday) giving sufficient time to change plans.

Tournament arbiter

Any decisions about problems or issues that may occur during the tournament will be made by the arbiter Alan Wolstencroft