WA Junior Chess Club

playing chess online

First, please fill out the form below to register your player in our database.

We will create a lichess.org account for you and will send details by email

Please do not create a new lichess.org account yourself, it will make the whole process of registration much longer for us!

If you don't have a lichess.org account we will create it and send you login information. The advantage of registering through us is that the "kid mode" will be enforced on the account and kids will not be able to turn it off. Another plus is that the starting rating would be 1000, which is easier for beginners (by default it's 1500).

Kid mode restricts all the communications on the website and prevents kids from receiving potentially unpleasant messages. Read more about it here.

If you already have a lichess account and then join our lichess team here https://lichess.org/team/wa-junior-chess-team