How to join our twice-weekly short tournaments

Step 1: Join the "Chess WA" Lichess class (do this once)

This will be done automatically if we created your account.

Otherwise, we will Invite you to the class - look for the alert button at the top of the Lichess website to accept the invitation .

Step 2: Earn your Rapid rating (do this once)

Play at least 15 games of 10+0 games via the front page of Lichess.

You need to play enough games PROPERLY until you do not have a ? question mark next to your name when playing games.

Do NOT play to lose, or resign early.
It will NOT help you get your rating faster.
You will end up in a lower rated tournament, and that would be unfair on the other players in that tournament.

For the Kingsley club, I want the kids to play until the end (do not resign). This is when they can learn defense and end games, and the other player could always blunder and stalemate. Never surrender!

Step 3: Double-check your Rapid profile

Click your username (top right), and then "Profile".

Check your "RAPID" rating number is not followed by a ?

Step 4: Go to the Lichess Classes page for links

You will see a special link in the "Learn" menu on the Lichess webpage.

Note: its NOT available in the App.

Inside the page, there will be links to the next tournament, with a password.

Choose the tournament that matches your Rating.

Remember the password,
click the link to go to the tournament,
click the green "JOIN" button and type in the password.